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South "America" index - South "America" Trips - Southamtrips!

INFORMATION ABOUT SOUTH "AMERICA": extraterrestrials (aliens), ancient gods, Machu Picchu, Cusco Sacsayhuamán, travelogues, crafts etc.

Photo reports and analysis
Handicraft village Naranjo-Meneses in
                            Arica (Chile)
Chile index - e.g.: Arica  
Ecuador Salasaca: nice wall carpets
                                woven by natives - tapistry
Ecuador index  
Peru handicrafts from Ayacucho with
                            tapistry and weavings

                              countryside is a disaster with the
                              natives, in winter they are freezing in
                              the face, and many children die by hunger
                              and cold and the government is not doing
Peru index 
                              Machu Picchu, hills Huchuypicchu and
                              Huaynapicchu, sun stone and giant stone
                              with 32 ends
Peru Machu Picchu
This were Extraterrestrials
                              lines 01: the monkey, drawing by pioneer
                              Mrs. Maria Reiche  Nasca lines 02: the plain of Nasca
                              with the Nasca lines, with 4 spirals
                                Cusco Sacsayhuamán, quakeproof walls,
                                throns, slides, cuts and stairs in the
                                rock etc.
Peru Cusco Sacsayhuamán
This were extraterrestrials

Cusco Sacsayhuamán,
                                    extraterrestrials of the Incas made
                                    in a workshop near the fortress
Gods in Cusco: Sacsayhuamán
Astronautas del
                              pasado, p.e. en Ecuador en Cuenca en el
                              museo de aborigines nativos
Gods in Ecuador: Cuenca

Quito (Ecuador), gods
                              (extraterrestrials, aliens, astronauts in
                              the museum "Culture House"
                              ("Casa de la Cultura")
Gods in Ecuador: Quito

Columbia Bogota Gold Museum,
                              Talima Culture medium period with
                              extraterrestrial god and airplanes of the
Gods in Columbia: Bogota Gold Museum with airplanes

They were godS: astronauts of the past (extraterrestrials) - see books of Erich von Däniken
They were godS: also Jewish archeologists say that - book: The Bible Unearthed - Link!  

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Argentina - Bolivia - forests of the Andes - Chile - Mapuches - Peru - Ecuador - Colombia - Venezuela - Brazil - Uruguay - Machu Picchu of extraterrestrials - Cusco Sacsayhuamán of extraterrestrials -  astronauts of the past (aliens as as teachers) in the Aboriginee Muesum in Cuenca, in the Gold Museum of Bogotá, in the carving workshop near Sacsayhuamán - Unprecedented silly women in Peru - scree avalanches

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General indications

Andes forest and legends






Chile index

Handicraft village in Arica
Handicraft village in Arica (Chile)

zum Kunsthandwerkmarkt
                                          von Arica / a la feria
                                          artesanal de Arica / to
                                          handicraft market of Arica
Handicraft market in Arica (Chile) in Thomson passage 

Mapuche nation index



Ecuador index

                                          Salasaca:Wandteppiche /
                                          tapices decorativos /
Ecuador: Salasaca wall carpets

Astronauts of the past
in the Native's Museum in Cuenca

                                      of the past, e.g. in Ecuador in
                                      Cuenca in the Native's Museum
                                          ("Casa de la
                                          Cultura"): Götter der
                                          Vorzeit (Ausserirdische,

Peru index

Zu verkaufen: Kunsthandwerk
                                      aus Ayacucho (Peru)
Handicraft from Ayacucho (Peru)

Critical conditions in Peru (analysis)

Die Peru-Katstrophe:
                                        Indígena-Kinder mit gefrorenen
                                        Wangen, und im Winter kommt der
                                        Hunger und der Kältetod und die
                                        Regierung tut NICHTS
Peru: richness and catastrophes - leyendas

Crazy women in Peru - examples

Peru Machu Picchu, hills
                                          Huchuypicchu and Huaynapicchu,
                                          sun stone and giant stone with
                                          32 ends

South "America" in general

Weather satellite
Satellite photo (weather satellites, actualization every hour) whole world / worldwide:

Map with the temperatures of South "America":

-- América del Sur en general 
-- Tiendas con productos latinos en Europa

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Andes: Forests in the Sierra of South "America":

Andes: legends

  • Andes: legends of Cholito in the Magic Andes (Colchado Lucio), chapter  1  2  3  4  glossary


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Columbia, index

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Peru index

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  • Hotel in Uruguay with Swiss management
    Hotel Oriental, Marco Guerrini, St. Lucia, Canelones, Uruguay

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Flight memos about the inter continental flights

Flug Atlanta-Zürich mit
                                      Sonnenaufgang über England / vuelo
                                      de regreso Atlanta-Zurich con
                                      salida del sol sobre Inglaterra /
                                      return flight Atlanta-Zurich with
                                      sunrise over England

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Criminality in South "America"
Latinamerican women - criminal Latinas
  • Hands off of Latinas - they only will destroy you (Palomino 2012)
    Stupid Latino men with IQ 70 - racism against whites from childhood on - Latina also wants to manipulate white men - in case of doubt racist Latina is criminal - boycott Latin "America" because it will be always racist

Etymology of the word "Chile"
<Chile has got it's name by the Spanish occupant Diego de Almagro. He named the Mapocho valley as "Chile valley". In native Aimara language "Chilli" means "country where the Earth is ending".>

(orig. German:
<Chile verdankt seinen Namen dem spanischen Eroberer Diego de Almagro. Er nannte das Mapocho-Tal »Valle de Chile«. In der Sprache der indigenen Aimarás heißt »Chilli« »das Land, wo die Erde aufhört«.>
(see: http://www.kartoffel-geschichte.de/Erste_Furche/In_Sudamerika/in_sudamerika.html)

Etymology of the word "Latin America"
<South America is called "Latin America" only since emperor Napoleon III when he wanted to form a big counter part against the North American Protestant Yankees together with Emperor Maximilian II.>

(orig. German:
<»Latein-Amerika« heißt Südamerika erst, seit Kaiser Napoleon III. in den 1860er Jahren versuchte, mit Kaiser Maximilian II. eine »lateinische Liga« als Gegenpol zum nordamerikanisch-protestantischen Yankee schaffen wollte.>

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